Why You Need A Company Formation Agent

Using company registration in Turkey makes the process more fast and easy, and it lowers the risk of submitting mistakes that might result in rejection. Furthermore, both young entrepreneurs and seasoned company professionals will find that agents provide a variety of other beneficial goods and services.

What Is the Function of a Business Formation Agent?

The primary service provided by company formation agencies is the incorporation of businesses. This covers establishing and registering a new company with Companies House for a new firm to get off the ground and start trading. Agents will typically be able to organize corporations limited by guarantee and limited liability partnerships in addition to conventional limited companies (i.e., those with shares) (LLPs).


A company formation in Turkey may be able to assist clients in deciding on the appropriate business structure (e.g., limited liability company or limited liability partnership) as well as the appropriate package.


Many agents’ websites will contain a plethora of free information to assist entrepreneurs with a range of business formation problems (e.g., how to go about choosing a company name).

Company Secretarial Assistance

This service may assist with maintaining statutory registers, preparing and filing annual Confirmation Statements, and other administrative tasks.

Registered office address – for organizations without offices, using an address in a business location rather than a home address, etc., might appear more professional.

Business Bank Account

Formation agents often provide fantastic bargains for businesses that need a new bank account.

Because formation agents have access to electronic submission tools, they may integrate a more excellent selection of company structures, as well as customized articles of association – all for a fraction of the cost of postal applications and without the delays and uncertainty that come with them.