What Is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing refers to the process of engaging with users of social media to promote and sell products and services. With over 3 billion people using social media sites on a daily basis, advertisers have realized that this is the best place to reach their audience. Traditional forms of advertising have also become less effective as consumers look for recommendations and reviews online before making a purchasing decision.

Social media marketing involves a brand connecting with their customers (and potential customers) in order to build brand awareness, drive sales, respond to problems or issues they may be having and attract prospective buyers. To achieve this brands need to publish content that people want to read and then engage with that audience by listening and responding to them. Advertising on social media is more attractive than on traditional media because social sites can provide a highly targeted audience segment where the advertiser only pays when someone clicks on an advertisement. By carefully targeting advertisements and analyzing the results, brands can achieve their goals for a fraction of the cost of a traditional advertising campaign.

Social media marketing has evolved to the extent that there is now a wide range of tools available to help advertisers target and interact with their target audience. Today brands interact with their target audience in ways that were unthinkable in the past. They can, for example, monitor what people are saying about their brand in real-time, respond to those conversations, and thereby proactively deal with any issues customers are having and protect their brand reputation.

Today brands have a wealth of metrics available to them about their target audience. Tools are available that automatically record all mentions of the brand, provide a measure of the engagement of that audience and can directly correlate sales that originated from social media using a range of social media analytics software. Not only that but highly engaged customers also provide invaluable market research information when they discuss what they like and dislike about a brand’s offering and suggest ways that it can be improved. Through the judicious release of content, posts and comments a brand can engage a specific segment of a market and run highly directed advertising that reaches a highly targeted group of consumers for whom their advertisements are much more likely to succeed.

For a social media marketing campaign to be successful, it needs to have a well-defined strategy in place. This strategy must identify the business goals that are to be achieved such as creating brand awareness, driving engagement or increasing sales, for example. Once goals have been established a brand must decide on which social media platforms its audience is most active. Finally, they need to decide what type of content they need to create that will attract their target audience by entertaining them, solving a problem they are having or otherwise getting their attention. The marketing effort relies on a documented social media strategy and plan being defined before any action is taken so that the success of the marketing effort can be measured once the campaign is complete.

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