What are your Options for Starting An Education Center


An important aspect of Singapore’s economic future is the expansion of its education sector, which is one of the most promising in the country. Project Global Schoolhouse, launched in 2002 by Singapore’s Economic Development Board (EDB), with the goal of making Singapore a worldwide education hub. A wide variety of high-quality educational services are provided by more than 1,200 private education organizations, making Singapore a well-known brand name in the private education industry across the world. In recent years, there has been a rise in the demand for specialized vocational and skill-based courses including culinary arts, grooming, fine arts, and other related sectors.

To receive a comprehensive overview of the process of establishing an educational institution in Singapore, use this guide.

Growing numbers of private schools, kindergartens/nurseries, child care centers, and other similar services are springing up in response to the sectors attractive and profitable business opportunities. These include both domestic and foreign institutions. The Singapore Government has devised a series of rules and statutory standards for new entrants to the education sector with the purpose of boosting efficiency in order to simplify the multiple players in the industry.

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An Overview of the First Steps for Creating a School

Think about and plan ahead of time before the event

Before beginning the process of establishing your educational organization, be sure you have thoroughly reviewed and comprehended all of the applicable regulatory requirements. For your convenience, we’ve compiled a list of these specifications.

Secondly, you need to incorporate your business

Incorporating your business is your first step after deciding to proceed. This is where a private limited company comes into play. Most people would choose a Singapore corporation as a legal entity. Forming a Singapore private limited company has a number of statutory requirements that must be completed, but the process is quick and easy. See the section on establishing a Singapore company for further details. For Starting An Education Center in Singapore it works fine.

This is the third and last step in the operation

The work can begin only after the company has been established. There are a slew of responsibilities you’ll have to take care of before you can begin the registration process. To give you an idea, consider the following:

Locate a suitable place to set a shop

Only educational facilities approved by the Urban Redevelopment Authority can be used for educational purposes (URA). Before signing a lease, you should check with the landowner to see whether the property may be utilized for this purpose. See our guide on drafting a Singapore lease agreement for more details.

The remodeling work should be started as soon as you have signed the lease for the space and hired a trustworthy contractor to complete it to your requirements.

Obtain the required certifications

Once your school is up and operating, you should seriously consider gaining the accreditations stated below as soon as possible if you want to build trust and confidence with your potential student community.

EduTrust certification is required before international students may be accepted into an institution. The new EduTrust Support Scheme offers financial help and support to private educational institutions in their pursuit of EduTrust certification (ESS). The ESS provides awards of up to S$26,500 in the form of grants to qualified institutions.If your educational institution has gained SQC accreditation, it will help to create a positive picture of your educational facility and expedite the processing of student visa applications.