Why You Can’t Afford to Skip Archiving Business Messages

Business messages seem insignificant, considering organizations have to deal with numerous emails and paperwork daily. However, any messages, whether through text or instant messaging, are vital to the survival of a company, especially when laws are set to safeguard them.

Every company of all sizes has SMS archiving software to capture and store all of their messages. If you’re wondering why, read our comprehensive discussion on the matter:

Defining SMS Archiving Software

Instant message archiving software is a tool used to record company messages that are sent and received by a business automatically. These systems are installed on the mobile devices of all employees, allowing you to capture activity on any messaging platform and store it in a secure database.

There are different kinds of message-archiving software depending on the primary platform used by the business. While some solutions focus on SMS, others can work on instant messaging applications like WhatsApp and Signal Messenger.

Why You Shouldn’t Skip Archiving

Archiving business messages sounds mundane and may even take too much of your time and resources. However, the consequences of failing to keep trustworthy records of your organization’s messages are dire, including:

Compliance Violations

The number one reason why businesses invest in archiving solutions is to maintain compliance with the law. Regulatory bodies like the SEC, FINRA, HIPAA, and the GDPR in Europe monitor the archiving practices of various companies and impose heavy fines and criminal cases on those who do not have one.

Litigation Risks

A lawsuit flying through your window is something you would never want to happen, but when such a thing happens, you need legal protection. These days, business messages are considered vital pieces of evidence for disproving a claim and upholding the truth. Without one, your business might struggle to defend itself.

Increased Likelihood of Leaks

Using certain keywords when messaging or insufficient monitoring of messaging activities puts your business at significant risk of critical information leaks. Having a reliable archiving solution prevents leaks from occurring by warning employees if they are using a restricted keyword. Archives also monitor activity, deterring unwanted messaging habits.

Keep Your Business Safe with Message Archives

From legal violations to exposure of confidential business information, there are plenty of threats when an organization’s messages are not archived efficiently. To keep your business safe and ensure responsible communication, talk to LeapXpert about our powerful business message archiving solutions.