Warning Signs to Contact Bug Sweeping Services

Government agencies, businesses, large organizations, or anyone with information someone else desires are at high risk of unwanted surveillance, eavesdropping, and electronic monitoring. Business owners who are aware of the seriousness hire technical security experts. The aim is to decrease the possibility of a data breach that is severally penalized for non-compliance. 

Bug sweeps can help to identify the unapproved device on the network, so many companies hire them. The professionals from bug sweeping services can identify and eliminate the bug that you were unaware of its existence. The vulnerabilities are identified before your business is exposed to massive risk. 

Warning signs to contact bug-sweeping services

Physical signs of unwanted surveillance

Microphones and spy cameras are easily accessible and inexpensive. They are small and can be hidden with ease.

Installation is straightforward  but the culprit may be in a hurry and leave behind traces like –

  • Disturbance signs like poor alignment or gaps or debris on the carpet or beneath the fixture. The popular areas to install eavesdropping bug is electrical outlets, light switches, or smoke alarms. 
  • Spy devices need wiring for data transmission, so the spy has to conceal the wires. Vinyl baseboard is the most common spot. Look for bumps, discoloring, or ridges, and check for hidden wiring or microphone.
  • On the walls and ceiling, a tiny circular spot similar to a coin indicates you are being monitored. Pinhole video cameras and microphones rest on another side of the wall or ceiling and leave an impression. 
  • Clock radios and lamps hardly grab your attention, so eavesdropper bugs are hidden here. A spy may be anxious and in a hurry to install the bug and the fixture or vase may not be in the same way. They can show an odd reflective surface or are a little kinked or have a tiny hole. 
  • Door locks seem stuck easily or don’t feel right. It is a strong sign that you are under undesired surveillance. The culprit manipulated the lock to gain access to install bugging devices.
  • Spies who are eavesdropping believe that items left a little disturbed is forgotten easily, so they leave things as it is after rummaging through desk drawers, file cabinet, etc. If you feel that the belongings or files are not exactly in the way you left them or something is missing then it is a good reason to get suspicious.
  • If you see something new in the office or home ask around to find the source it came from. It can be a picture frame, phone, wall clock, or lamp. There is a possibility some revengeful personality has planted a surveillance device in it. 

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Subtle signs of undesired eavesdropping

  • Burglars break into a home to steal things but if nothing is stolen it is a red flag. Theft-free burglaries indicate there is a spying device installed. So, check around or call the bug sweeping service!
  • Receiving electronic gifts from suppliers or vendors is a common aspect of every business. Unfortunately, you are unaware of the gift-giver’s malicious action. You don’t doubt their gifts because you know them. 
  • When a phone is on-hook noise is heard coming from the headset.
  • Utility employees show up without any call from your home or office.

Find an experienced bug-sweeping agency to ensure your business stays protected!