Looking for a customs broker in Canada? This guide will help!

Importers in Canada are required to comply with various customs laws at the federal and provincial levels to import goods. This involves a lot of time and money for an individual.

The Canadian customs brokerage firms like are noted for their professional brokerage services. Such firms ensure the smooth passage of imported goods by accurate compliance with the customs regulations.

This article takes you through the various services rendered by a customs brokerage firm and how you can benefit from them.

Let us begin!

What does a customs broker do?

 A customs broker deals with the Canadian Border Services(CBSA) on behalf of importers. He/she facilitates the release and accounting of goods imported into Canada in compliance with CBSA regulations.

Customs brokerage firms render end-to-end services for importers. They include

  • Cross-border trucking
  • Freight forwarding
  • Car imports
  • Ocean shipping
  • Discount Parcel service
  • Consultancy

How does online brokerage work?

  1. The online brokerage firm allows users to register their consignments on their portal.
  2. The importer needs to upload shipment details, commercial invoices, and any related documents.
  3. The portal provides access to an online workspace which allows interaction with a customs agent in real-time.
  4. The portal allows the importer to check the status of your clearance.
  5. The agent submits the documents to the Canadian customs department electronically.
  6. The importer has to pay the customs charges online to the broker.
  7. Upon successful payment, the goods are customs cleared.
  8. Some firms also offer delivery of the consignment to the destination as a service.

An illustration for ocean shipment 

  • The importer needs to organize the shipping documents with the customs broker which include a commercial invoice, bill of lading, applicable trade certificates, and packing list.
  • The importer needs to forward the Arrival notice from the freight forwarder to the customs broker for a smooth release.
  • The consignment is delivered to the port or door according to the shipping terms.
  • Firms also offer a final delivery option to the destination of the importer.

Some suggestions to choose a brokerage firm

  • The pricing of a brokerage should be competitive.
  • The customs agents need to be professional.
  • Consider importing commercially to avoid being subjected to provincial taxes.
  • Choose a firm that operates across all Canadian ports and airports.
  • The track record of the firm needs to be checked to ensure no delay in delivery.

Concluding thoughts

The importers are increasingly relying on customs brokers for a hassle-free import of goods in Canada. By choosing a professional firm, efficiency and ease of doing business are greatly enhanced.