Complete recipient segmentation: tips for Follow-up guide after the first emails from the company

Mailing out offers for a particular company can be the most difficult task, even for good marketers. Everything is given as it should be, according to all the rules and regulations. But the effect is negligible or even almost none. Several factors play a significant role in the quality of user response to subscriptions:

  • the timing of the message;
  • the content of the message;
  • usefulness and ease of reading.

You can read more about how to compose texts and shape the design, content and regulate the activity of emails at where you can find a detailed manual. It is based on actual research and practical work by specialists of This guide has a lot of useful tips and suggestions on how to organize the mailing as efficiently as possible and make it extremely relevant, important for the consumer. And, useful – first, for the author of the messages, i.e., the company that promotes its products or services.

We will try to pay attention to a very important point in a competent and effective mailing – segmentation.

Breaking groups down into the smallest parts: the email newsletter trend

The uniqueness of newsletters for a certain target group is becoming a trend. And there are many reasons for this. Most users simply have a huge choice of communication channels. For example, someone who rarely watches TV or movies can be guided by messages received via social networks. Therefore, mailings with an offer to watch a movie, purchase equipment for quality sound or TV pictures may be superfluous. Unless the email indicates that an alternative way to watch or use the gadget might be the same smartphone. That’s why detailed, detailed and quality segmentation of potential buyers of products or customers of a service, is a very important part of a good newsletter. When useful information gets into the hands of a user interested in such a mailing, it will work.

The days of dictating terms and methods of communication are over. Their diversity and variability make you think about creating multiple mailings from one brand to different target consumer groups at once.

Solutions such as can help with detailed segmentation, as they can generate and automate many unique newsletters on any topic.

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