What Do You Need To Know About Adding A Logo Mat To Your Gym?

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We received many gym logo pads this week. This is an opportunity to let you know how to motivate your gym patrons with this unique addition to your facility. We have many reasons to use gym logo mats. Let’s see in today’s article what they can do!

#1 Design

Every contact made with customers or internal/external should be branded. It must be consistent with what is available inside the premises. One example of this is the gym logo mats. A gym logo mat that conveys the correct information about the business is a good idea.

#2 The Attractiveness

Imagine what it would look like if you made something that encouraged people to post on social networks. Over the years, the gym selfie has seen much success. Let’s make this a bigger trend! You could expand your market reach by promoting your gym as an attractive workplace.

#3 Practicality

Artificial grass makes sense. Artificial grass is sturdy and durable. We can even create something bespoke for you that lasts a lifetime, depending on its purpose. Synthetic Turf Management can supply and place your gym’s logo mat as part of an individual project. We not only provide and install gym logo mats but can also add other features to your gym, like gym and sled track.

What Do You Need To Know Concerning Adding Logos Over Your Gym?

Logos play an integral part in any facility’s branding and can be used to help create a brand and identity. Gym owners want to ensure that their logos can be used when designing a facility. What information should gym managers know regarding logo use within their facilities?

Color Matters

Owners of gyms often have a logo before they open their doors. When choosing wall pad colors, they must consider the colors of their logos. For example, a black and red logo could look unnatural on blue walls. A green logo on red carpets could seem too Christmas-y. However, a bold logo could help a facility stand out and make a big statement on its gym apparel. This is partly why neutrals, such as black or grey, are so common in facility design. Be aware of the relationship between logos & gym coloring in the early stages of your gym’s journey.

Simple Is Better

Exquisite logo designs can make a gym stand out. It can be more difficult for logos to stand out in gym photos with complicated designs, especially if they’re taken far away. Due to the popularity of social media and the frequency with which students post photos at a gym, it is best to have an easy-to-remember logo.


The sales representative will help you add logos for your Zebra mats, wall pads, and wall pads. Also, make it easier by ensuring that your logo can be exported in vector format. This allows you to print on wall pad vinyl and mat mats. Your logo should be in the proper format to make it easy and save time. You are working with your sales rep to determine the best position for your logo within your gym.