Types of Social Media You Should Be Using in 2022

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when talking about social media? It must be Facebook since this is a highly used platform. Facebook attracts over 1.3 billion people every day. But there are other social media channels to help you increase your business’s revenue. You will meet new connections on social media. New platforms are popping up every day, and image and network sharing have become common with social media today.

Types of Social Media Channels You Should Look Out For

  1. Video sharing platforms

Video platforms are best for capturing the attention of the customers. When the customers see an ad or video, they are drawn towards the videos. For selling on social media Dubai, video contents are presented mostly. There are videos made in both long and short formats. The video content should be published to entertain or inspire the audience.

The videos only made to sell purely are not going to attract an audience. The videos should be promoted with a personal touch. Facebook Stories, Instagram Reels, Tiktok, etc., are better platforms for sharing videos.

  1. The disappearing content forms

These include the Snapchat and Instagram reels and even LinkedIn stories. Further, this helps send messages privately for the followers to view only for 24 hours. The stories are so well posted that people are eager to view them. It can be about announcements, live events, etc.

These contents feel genuine because of its 24 hours validity. Businesses can use countdowns during new launches. Or they can create behind-the-making scenes with the disappearing formats.

  1. Social audio platforms

These kinds of channels are made perfectly for listening to conversations on varied topics. ClubHouse and Twitter Spaces are made exclusively for this purpose. This format gets high engagement and attention. These conversations also help in building your stature as a leader in the business world.

You can introduce your products in the markets and talk to people about their favourite niches.

  1. Live streams

Instagram Live Rooms, Facebook Live, etc., fall under this category. Broadcasting puts your content in front of many viewers. You don’t always need a global audience for viewers to watch the live streams. It offers opportunities to all the users to interact live with the hosts. You can read all the comments from buyers when you are doing live streams.


When you are trying to build a community, there are so many types of social media you can use. Selling on social Media Dubai helps you understand the buyers well to meet the goals and requirements.