Factors To Consider When Purchasing A Power Take-Off Wood Chipper

If a tree is cut or its branches are trimmed, you need to remove the clutter with little to no mess quickly. In this case, PTO wood chipper is a convenient piece of equipment that could simplify the process. It’s a lucrative investment that instantly converts fallen logs and branches into mulch or wood chips.

The equipment is way better and more powerful than the standard gas-powered wood chippers. You attach it to the tractor in a way that the PTO draws power from the tractor and transfers it to the chipper. It allows you to harness the power and strength of your contractor.

If you want to reap the perks of a PTO wood chipper, you must purchase the right equipment. This post shares the factors you must consider. They include:

Your Needs

Evaluating and understanding your needs is one of the vital aspects of purchasing the equipment. You should determine your property size and the work needed. It will help you choose from light to heavy-duty PTO-powered wood chippers based on whether you need them for a small land or commercial/industrial process.

Compatibility with the Tractor

You attach the PTO wood chippers to your tractors, where they draw power from the engine. Therefore, you must assess the equipment compatibility with your tractor. You should assess your tractor’s power output and capacity to select equipment that matches it properly. Besides, it would be best to implement the PTO chipper with the tractor’s hitch type for optimal functionality.

The PTO’s Chipper Quality

When purchasing any equipment, you always want to ensure that you can get the best returns on investment. Buying a PTO-powered wood chipper is no different. You should buy a high-quality and robust chipper that can handle every task without breaking it down. The chipper should also require minimal maintenance to maintain its functionality.

It is best to get your equipment from a reputable machine shop dealing with high-end brands. You can also visit the models’ websites to read reviews and testimonials from people who’ve used them. It will give you a precise idea of the features of every model so that you can opt for the one that suits you best.


The flywheel determines the weight of a PTO wood chipper. The flywheel’s size and weight also determine the energy the chipper can store. You can choose a heavier wood chipper for maximum energy storage, especially for industrial and commercial purposes.

Adjustable Chip Size

Some PTO-powered wood chippers allow you to adjust the chip size depending on your requirements. Therefore, it’s vital to understand the models on the market to pick one that allows you to cut the wood into different sizes.

Ease of Use

Nothing beats working with equipment that’s easy and effective to handle, and PTO wood chippers are no different. The equipment will also be easy to maintain, giving you a hassle-free experience.

In Summary

Many PTO wood chipper models are available on the market. It’s vital to take the time to understand your needs and do in-depth research to buy one that suits your needs and budget. Besides, you should not compromise quality for the price so that you can get the best returns on your investment.